Illustration - Photo: pxfuel

Mi Hazank calls for support to domestic workers

Opposition Mi Hazank on Friday called on the trade union alliance of chemical and energy industry workers (VDSZ) to "fight for the rights of Hungarian workers" instead of supporting guest workers.

Mi Hazank labour spokesman Janos Lantos told a press conference not to invite workers from “the third world” to Hungary because he said this went against the interests of local workers, pushing down wages and speeding up the emigration of the Hungarian workforce.

VDSZ leader Tamas Szekely, attending the press conference, said in response that they were protecting Hungarian workers by providing interest representation “to third-world workers because without this employers would abuse the situation even more”.

The sides were in agreement that the government should significantly increase the minimum wage, help young people with a proper education system and support investments with higher value-added which also offer higher salaries.

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