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Mi Hazank calls for overall wage hikes

The opposition Mi Hazank party has called for 50-100 percent pay increase across the board in the next 5-10 years in Hungary.

Janos Lantos, the radical party’s labour affairs expert, told a press conference on Wednesday that already low Hungarian wages would continue to lose their purchasing power due to “a brutal rate of inflation”, and soaring utility costs and food prices. “As a result, many in Hungary will face an existential crisis,” he said.

He said the mistaken economic policy pursued over the past thirty years was to blame for this situation, arguing that the two main “political blocs have done nothing” to sustain “an independent Hungarian national economy” but “served the interests of multinational companies”.

Lantos said his party urges ending “the preferential status” of multinational companies, supporting Hungarian small and medium-sized businesses and restructure the employment regime of state employees.

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