Hungary's border fence – Photo: wikipedia

Mi Hazank calls for dispatching military to border, border gendarmerie

Laszlo Toroczkai, leader of the opposition Mi Hazank party, has called for the military to be dispatched to "rein in people-smuggling gangs at the Hungary-Serbia border" and for a special border gendarmerie to be introduced.

Speaking at a demonstration held at Asotthalom, in which supporters of his party blocked a lane on the road to the local border-crossing station, Toroczkai said the army should be called in immediately to take action against armed gangs. He said such a measure could be facilitated by Hungary’s emergency measures, and noted that the army had been dispatched in 2015 “when as yet there were no people smugglers with guns”.

Toroczkai demanded a “real border seal”, adding that border control would require dedicated military border guards “able to protect the border fence”, especially in the Asotthalom-Morahalom-Roszke area, “the main migration route”, he said.

Toroczkai also said the government should make rules more stringent and “treat as criminals those that damage the fence and cross into Hungary rather than escorting them back to the border, allowing them to try again within a few hours”.

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