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Mi Hazank calls for disclosing MPs’ dual citizenship

Opposition Mi Hazank has called for parliament's approval of a proposal to make the dual citizenship status of lawmakers and their family members public.

Deputy leader Elod Novak told a press conference on Thursday that it was necessary to reveal “what alternative obligations” members of parliament might have and “which one of them has built an escape route, for instance to an African banana republic”, he added.

Suspicision of holding dual citizenship has been raised in connection with several politicians, he said. He cited Peter Marki-Zay, former prime ministerial candidate of the united opposition at the election this spring, adding that his Canadian citizenship was revealed only after his appointment.

Holding citizenship of another country represents a national security risk, especially if it is kept a secret, he said. He cited the Israeli example where lawmakers must decide whether to return their mandate or their second citizenship.

The rules proposed by Mi Hazank would be “almost unacceptably moderate” but they would serve as a compromise solution to the parliamentary parties, he said.

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