Hungary's border fence – Photo: wikipedia

Mi Hazank calls for authorisation to open fire for officers on southern border

Illegal migrants on Hungary's southern border should be stopped by granting border guards the authority to open fire, the deputy leader of the radical Mi Hazank party said on Friday.

“Hungary is a sovereign country with a right to protect its borders,” David Docs told a press conference. If Frontex, the EU’s border patrol agency, “can’t handle the problem, then member states should do it on their own authority”, he added.

Europe’s migration policy, he said, seemed to be failing as “Islamist students recently made teaching impossible” in schools in Germany and France. A teacher was stabbed in Germany and two Swedish tourists killed in Belgium, he added.

Docs said migration pressure on Europe since 2015 seemed to be peaking, insisting that in some districts of European cities “native citizens can’t even enter”.

The EU leadership’s rhetoric on “redefining migration policy” had, he said, lost all credibility, as had the Hungarian opposition, which voted in favour of the resettlement quotas, he added.

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