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Mi Hazank appeals to unions to cooperate

The radical Mi Hazank opposition party has appealed to trade unions to unite and cooperate with the party, insisting that the sole aim of global capitalism was to maximize profit at the expense of people's well-being.

The forces of global capitalism harbour greater powers than national governments and only allow workers some rights out of self-interest, Janos Lantos, a party lawmaker, told an online press briefing on Saturday, adding that the Fidesz government had shown itself to be fully committed to the forces of global capitalism in the past 13 years.

He also accused other Hungarian opposition forces of being beholden to global capitalists, saying “they don’t have any intention of representing Hungarian workers”. It was “unacceptable”, he added, that the Hungarian economy was “based on cheap labour”.

Mi Hazank wants to cooperate with trade unions to create conditions in the country “where Hungarian workers come first”, he said.

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