The building of the European Parliament in Brussels – Photo: wikipedia

MEP sees good chance to leave ‘dictator Europe’ behind

"There is a good chance to leave this kind of dictator Europe behind us," Eniko Gyori, MEP of Hungary's ruling Fidesz, said in a panel discussion at the NatCon conference in Brussels on Wednesday.

Changes brought about by the upcoming European parliamentary elections could make it possible that “we work in the spirit and on basis of the original EU treaties, work to improve the community’s competitiveness to make Europe a work-based society again and retain its living standards that are so attractive for many millions of people,” Gyori said.

In her presentation, entitled “Back to normalcy”, she said she was “dreaming about a Europe that could leave behind the last, detrimental five years … when such things were forced on us that we did not need and which the EU treaties could not even have made possible”.

Concerning the war in Ukraine, the MEP urged “the earliest possible peace” but noted that “there are more and more wanting Europe to be a warring party”.

On the subject of migration, she said member states refusing to accommodate illegal migrants would be fined. “We are now where we were nine years ago … the formula did not work at that time and it will not work now,” she said.

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