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KMKSZ condemns Hungarian opposition campaign 'using Transcarpathia Hungarians'

MEP: Hungary takes in every refugee from Ukraine

Hungary will take in every refugee arriving from any region in Ukraine irrespective of their ethnic background, Kinga Gal, an MEP of ruling Fidesz, said after an extraordinary plenary meeting of the European Parliament discussing the Russian attack of its neighbour on Tuesday.

Hungary is conducting one of the largest humanitarian aid programmes of all time, catering for refugees arriving in the country and sending aid consignments to Ukraine, Gal told Hungarian journalists.

Andrea Bocskor, a Fidesz MEP for Ukraine’s Transcarpathia region, said it was important to provide accurate information to the public about the present situation of that region’s Hungarian community. “Those who have stayed at home face increasingly difficult circumstances which is why the Hungarian humanitarian aid programme will become increasingly important,” she said.

KMKSZ condemns Hungarian opposition campaign ‘using Transcarpathia Hungarians’

The Transcarpathian Hungarian Cultural Association (KMKSZ) firmly condemns the campaign of the Hungarian opposition targeting Transcarpathia Hungarians amid the war in Ukraine, KMKSZ said on Tuesday.

“It is regrettable that certain Hungarian opposition parties have chosen the region’s Hungarian community in this otherwise difficult situation for their campaign purposes. It also regrettable that those parties seek to garner votes in their campaign for Hungary’s upcoming general election by stoking up tension between Hungarians in the motherland and the Hungarian communities beyond the borders,” the organisation said in a statement.

“Transcarpathian Hungarians have also formed part of the Hungarian nation irrespective of their several decades of separation which is why we highly welcomed the government’s programme of unification,” KMKSZ’s board said, asking Hungarian parties and politicians to stop using members of the community for campaign purposes with respect to their difficult situation.

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