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Menczer: War, not posters, is danger to children

The war, not posters, presents a danger to children, the communications director of the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance said in a post on Facebook on Sunday.

Tamas Menczer said the governing parties would not stop, but step up their anti-war campaign.

“The cat has been let out of the bag”, acting on the instruction of George Soros, Peter Magyar wants to take down the “STOP war” posters, because he believes they are harmful to children, Menczer said. The “STOP war” posters don’t present a danger to children, the war raging in the neighbourhood for more than two years and preparations for a world war with nuclear weapons is the danger, he added.

Peter Magyar doesn’t want there to be any talk about the war because he is “a genuine, black belt, pro-war, left-wing politician, financed by and taking orders from George Soros,” Menczer said.

He urged Hungarians for whom their children and grandchildren were “really important” to support Viktor Orban and Fidesz-Christian Democrats in the June 9 elections. “We are on the side of peace and we want to protect Hungary’s peace and security,” he added.

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