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Menczer: Voters must send ‘pro-peace, sovereigntist politicians’ to Brussels

Voters must vote to send "pro-peace and sovereigntist politicians" to Brussels in order to change the European Union's position on the most important issues, Tamas Menczer, the communications director of the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance, said on Monday.

Menczer told current affairs channel M1 that the top three issues in the European Parliament elections were the war, immigration and “LGBTQ propaganda”.

He said that whereas in the past Hungary had been the only country to demand a stop to migration, today no one doubted the legitimacy of this position. Meanwhile, Hungary today is the only country in Europe calling for an immediate and unconditional ceasefire and peace talks regarding the war in Ukraine, “and we’re right about this, too”, he added.

Preserving the country’s peace and security, Menczer said, was “not a completed process”, and at stake on June 9 would be whether there would be war or peace.

Concerning fuel prices, the communications director said Hungary was suffering from wartime inflation, to which the best solution would be peace. But in the absence of peace, he added, fuel retailers must be prevented from profiting off the situation. Hungary’s government, he noted, has asked fuel retailers to lower their prices to the regional average by cutting the per-litre prices of petrol and diesel by 24 forints and 11 forints, respectively.

Meanwhile, Menczer told public broadcaster Kossuth Radio that the EU had by now “fully deviated” from its original fundamental goals of guaranteeing peace and prosperity, adding that there was a good chance to achieve change in the coming EP elections.

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