Prime Minister Viktor Orbán at the NATO summit - Photo: PMO

Menczer: US ‘attack’ result of Hungary’s pro-peace stance

US President Joe Biden's "pro-war" Democratic government has again attacked Hungary in its democracy report because of Hungary's pro-peace position, the communications director of the ruling alliance of Fidesz and the Christian Democrats said on Tuesday.

Tamas Menczer said on Facebook that “the obvious cause of the attack is that we stand on the side of peace and we do not allow them to push us into this war [in Ukraine]”.

Menczer, a former foreign affairs and foreign economy state secretary, said a report prepared by the Hungarian foreign ministry in connection with the state of democracy in the US showed that four million illegal migrants were arriving to the US through the southern border per year and “they almost all disappear on the radar of the authorities”.

He cited Florida Senator Marco Rubio as saying that it was the first time in modern US history that the southern border was being controlled by Mexican drug cartels instead of the US government.

Surveys show that 75 percent of Americans consider the immigrant crisis a serious problem and despite this, Biden was “destroying” border protection measures, Menczer said.

The US has also accused Hungary of anti-Semitism, yet in reality, members of the Jewish community are in the greatest safety in Hungary among all European countries, he said.

“Considering all these facts, our American friends should in fact mind their own business,” Menczer said.

“No matter how much they try to push us into the war, no matter what pressure they put on us, we are on the side of peace,” he added.

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