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Szazadveg: Disruption of Friendship oil pipeline would have 'grave consequences' for entire region

Menczer: Ukrainian remarks on oil pipeline ‘unacceptable’

Recent remarks by an adviser to Ukraine's energy minister concerning an oil pipeline are "shocking and unacceptable", the foreign ministry state secretary in charge of developing bilateral relations said on Friday. Tamas Menczer said on Facebook that he had held talks with Lyubov Nepop, Ukraine's ambassador in Budapest, and told her that Hungary was helping everyone in need, and the advisor's remarks were unacceptable.

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, Hungary has been carrying out the largest humanitarian action in its history, with some 720,000 refugees having arrived so far and everyone offered food and shelter, the state helping children to get education and parents to get work, Menczer said.

The total amount of aid shipments sent to Ukraine so far stands close to 2,000 tonnes, he added.

At a donor conference in Warsaw, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto presented a five-point aid proposal whereby Hungary is ready to rebuild hospitals and schools in Ukraine and to supply mobile homes, Menczer said. Scholarships have been offered to Ukrainian students, and Hungary is ready to provide medical services to injured Ukrainian soldiers and special treatment to 130 Ukrainian children, he added.

Menczer said he had also told the ambassador about his shock to read the advisor’s recent remarks concerning the possibility that “something” might “happen” to the pipeline transporting oil to Hungary through Ukraine.

Such a “shocking and unacceptable” remark does not help partnership, Menczer said.

The Hungarian government’s position is clear: energy supplies are guaranteed and Hungarian families and the public utility fee scheme have been and will be protected.

“We won’t let anyone make Hungarian people pay the price of war,” he added.

Szazadveg: Disruption of Friendship oil pipeline would have ‘grave consequences’ for entire region

In the event of a disruption to the Friendship oil pipeline, not only would Hungary’s oil supply suffer but there would be “grave consequences” for the entire region, including Ukraine, according to an energy analyst for think-tank Szazadveg.

Oliver Hortay said in an interview to public radio on Friday that Ukraine would lose transit revenues and major energy transit resources.

He noted that Ukrainian politicians were intent on forcing the European Union, including Hungary, to block Russian energy exports, adding that an embargo would prove counterproductive and even serve to boost Russia’s sales revenues. Households in the European Union, meanwhile, faced growing economic harm, and an embargo would result in even more drastic price increases, he added.

Hortay said Hungary had notched up a big win by blocking the EU from discussing a sixth sanctions package at the EU summit, adding that it was in the fundamental interest of both Hungary and the EU as a whole to ditch the embargo proposal once and for all.

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