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Menczer: Preservation of Hungary’s peace, security and pro-peace stance a continuous struggle

The preservation of Hungary's peace, security and pro-peace stance is a continuous struggle, Tamas Menczer, the communications director of the ruling alliance of Fidesz and the Christian Democrats, told public radio on Sunday.

Menczer described Saturday’s Iranian drone and missile attacks against Israel as a serious situation and said preparations for war could be seen all over the world.

He noted that in the Middle East, Israel is waging a war against terror, and from the beginning the Hungarian position was that the involvement of another country in the conflict should be prevented, because an interstate war involved great dangers.

Talking about the conflict in Ukraine, he said that European leaders were discussing sending soldiers to Ukraine, and NATO, the world’s strongest military alliance, was taking “giant steps” towards the conflict.

The conflict in Ukraine and the Middle East can easily turn into a world war and that is why pro-peace politicians and leaders are needed, Menczer said.

He said that in order to be able to defend the Hungarian pro-peace position, the support of the Hungarian people was necessary. The Fidesz-Christian Democrats election manifesto, in preparation for the upcoming EP election, in addition to the pro-peace stance, focuses on immigration and “LGBTQ propaganda”, he added.

Menczer said it was important that the new EU bodies established after the election should include people who will not continue to take things in their current direction, and Hungarian politicians must find all legal and political means to protect Hungarian interests.

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