Menczer: Paks 2 vital to Hungary’s energy security

The project to expand the Paks nuclear power station is a vital component of Hungary's energy security and its ability to maintain lower energy bills for consumers, a government official has said, responding to a report that Ukraine wanted to obstruct the construction of Paks 2.

Energy supply is a national competence and a matter of sovereignty, Tamas Menczer, foreign ministry state secretary for bilateral relations, wrote on Facebook on Friday, responding to a statement by the Ukrainian prime minister that Kyiv would try to obstruct the project in its dealings with the European Union.

“Whoever attacks our energy security attacks our sovereignty,” he added.

Menczer called it “strange and unacceptable” that Ukraine sought to undermine the energy security of a NATO and EU member state when striving to become a member of those organisations.

He said it was “appalling” that Ukraine would attempt to endanger the energy supply of the Hungarian people while Hungary was engaged in “the largest humanitarian operation in its history”, taking in “more than a million people”, while 1,300 Hungarian schools and kindergartens have taken in refugee children.

This “peculiar kind of thanks chosen by the Ukrainian prime minister” would destroy Hungary’s energy security, he said. “We won’t let anyone achieve this, not even him. We will protect Hungary’s energy security against all attacks and pressure,” Menczer said.

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