Tamas Menczer - Photo Facebook

Menczer: ‘Orbán alone can ensure peace, security’

"Peace and security in Hungary can only be protected by (PM) Viktor Orbán and the Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance," the ruling party alliance's communications director said in a video uploaded to Facebook on Friday.

Referring to the upcoming European parliamentary elections, Tamas Menczer called on voters to “delegate to Brussels people who really work towards Hungary’s peace and security.”

Concerning the war in Ukraine, Menczer said “our answer is that it must be terminated immediately, a ceaserfire and negotiations are needed”. “But the pro-war people say the war is over only if Ukraine wins … but Ukraine will not win; nobody will win,” he said. “Everybody will lose, and people will die … including Hungarians,” he insisted. He warned that there was a great risk of escalation, “which could easily lead to a third world war”. “The government and the ruling parties are pro-peace and the leftists are pro-war,” he added.


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