Ferenc Gyurcsany – Photo: Facebook

Menczer: ‘Gyurcsany a pro-war politician’

Ferenc Gyurcsany, the leader of the opposition Democratic Coalition (DK), "already destroyed Hungary once and would do so again, because he is a pro-war politician", Tamas Menczer, the communications director of the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance, said on Tuesday.

Reacting to a recent statement by Gyurcsany that the leaders of Fidesz “are afraid of meeting their voters” Menczer said “Ferenc Gyurcsany, similarly to Peter Magyar, is not famous for telling the truth, and his most recent remarks were also nonsense and lies”.

“What Ferenc Gyurcsany is famous for is that [as former prime minister] he already destroyed the country once and as a pro-war politician would do so again, which is now the biggest problem,” Menczer said in a video on Facebook. Gyurcsany is a pro-war politician, Menczer said, referring to the DK leader’s other statement that “one who does not want to die for Ukraine is a bad person”.

Speaking about the ongoing election campaign, Menczer said it was Gyurcsany “who is still pulling the strings, with the situation being the same as it was around Peter Marki-Zay” before, making reference to the opposition’s campaign in the 2022 general election. “Parties on the left still continue to band together, in their dancing around or next to one another, because this is what their foreign financiers expect from them,” Menczer said.

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