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Menczer: Gas supplies to Hungary uninterrupted

Gas deliveries to Hungary are uninterrupted and will serve both households and businesses in the heating season, a state secretary of the foreign ministry told public television M1 on Monday morning.

Tamas Menczer said under a recent agreement Russia’s Gazprom would deliver up to a daily maximum of 5.8 million cubic metres of gas on top of contracted volumes in September and October.

The state secretary also noted that nearly half of Europe’s total annual consumption of some 400 billion cubic metres of gas came from Russia, and insisted that “all those saying that Russian gas could be replaced in the short term are simply not telling the truth”.

He argued that Europe did not have enough LNG terminals to receive sufficient volumes of liquefied gas, nor did it have enough pipelines.

According to Menczer, Gazprom has generated a record profit of 41.5 billion dollars, twice as much as last year, despite the European Union’s sanctions. “The Russians have their money, far above their expectations, while Europe is in an energy crisis with Hungary being a local exception,” he said.

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