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Menczer: Brussels ‘pro-war’, building war instead of peace

Brussels is "pro-war", and instead of building Europe's peace, it is building war, Tamas Menczer, the communications director of ruling Fidesz, said on Wednesday.

Marking the 20th anniversary of Hungary’s EU accession, Menczer said in a video on Facebook that at the time of joining the bloc, Hungary and the EU had two shared goals that there should be peace and prosperity in Europe. “But today we’re missing two of these: peace and prosperity,” he said. “That’s why we say that change is needed in Brussels.”

Menczer said Brussels had promised “that we would respect each other; that member states would respect each other and the Brussels-based institutions would respect member states”. “Yet we Hungarians are not respected. They blackmail and pressure us because of our pro-peace stance,” he said. “Brussels is pro-war and isn’t building Europe’s peace, but war. That’s why we say that change is needed in Brussels.”

He said all of the decisions taken by Brussels on sanctions affecting the economy and the energy sector were and are destroying the European standard of living, and urged voters to send MEPs to Brussels on June 9 who truly valued Europe’s peace and prosperity.

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