The Szekler flag – Photo: wikipedia

Memorial centre for Szekler border guards inaugurated

A memorial centre dedicated to the Szekler guards who had defended Hungary's eastern border for several centuries was inaugurated in Frumoasa (Csikszepviz), in central Romania's Szekler region inhabited by many ethnic Hungarians, on Saturday.

Arpad Janos Potapi, Hungary’s state secretary in charge of policies for Hungarian communities abroad, called the facility a “beacon”, a point of orientation for the generations to come who want to get a thorough knowledge of the past of the Hungarian nation.

The centre includes an interactive exhibition on nearly 600 square metres which presents the history of the Szekler border guards from the medieval Arpad Dynasty to the second world war with artefacts, traditional and 3D films, as well as animations.

The building housing the centre was renovated from nearly 1 million euros, of which 0.6 million euros were contributed by the Hungarian government.

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