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Median forecasts Fidesz win

It is "almost certain" that ruling Fidesz will win the Sunday's general election, though by what margin is hard to tell, the weekly HVG said on Wednesday, citing a survey conducted by pollster Median in the past few days.

Fully 40 percent of the voting age population and 50 percent of respondents with a clear party preference expressed support for Fidesz, HVG said on its website.

In February, 75 percent of the sample said they would cast their ballot in the upcoming election, as opposed to 80 percent in the latest poll, while 12 percent of those planning to vote did not know or would not say which party they would vote for.

One-third of the waverers wanted to see a different government, while another third held the opposite view; the rest were undecided, the survey found.

“A last minute decision of voters in this latter category would not change the outcome to the benefit of the opposition,” HVG wrote.

According to the poll, two-thirds of the total population and one-third of opposition voters expect a Fidesz win. In Budapest, Fidesz would garner 27 percent of the votes, and 45 percent would go to the opposition, while in the provinces 43 percent would support Fidesz and 29 percent the opposition, said.

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