Media watchdog responds to EC letter concerning Klubradio

National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) chair Monika Karas on Friday said there is no legal means at present to allow Klubradio to provide media services temporarily in a letter responding to the European Commission.

In the letter addressed to Roberto Viola, the EC’s DG for communications networks, content and technology, Karas said neither EU law nor Hungarian regulations allow for Klubradio to provide media services temporarily.

“Nor can it be in the Commission’s interest to pursue a procedure that runs contrary to regulations and to the principle of equal treatment, as that would not comply with the criteria of the rule of law, which is important to all of us,” she wrote in the letter which was also forwarded to MTI.

The NMHH’s Media Council earlier refused Klubradio’s request to continue providing media services on the 92.9 MHz frequency in Budapest because of repeated infringements that the broadcaster had not appealed.

Karas noted in the letter that the Media Council had called a new tender for the 92.9 MHz frequency from which Klubradio was not excluded. She added that Klubradio enjoys an advantage in the tender because it earlier broadcast on the frequency.

Klubradio has been registered for the tender as the sole bidder remaining in the procedure.

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