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Media awareness on the rise in Hungary, authority finds

Media awareness is "slowly but surely" rising in Hungary, according to a recent survey by the country's media authority.

The survey found that an overwhelming majority of Hungarians use the internet on a daily basis and consider it important to be able to comment on matters of public interest, the communications directorate of the National Media and Communications Authority (NMHH) said in a statement.

Fully 71 percent of social media users expressed a need to see posts which, according to the algorithm, clash with their views. A similar share of respondents said it was important to have access to multiple sides of a news story and related opinions.

More than 60 percent considered it important for all comments to be visible in online discussions. Just over 40 percent agreed with imposing punishments for anonymous opinions and fake news.

Altogether 54 percent of Hungarians say parents are the most important player when it comes to creating the conditions for conscious media use. Respondents chose the state as the second most important player (25 percent), followed by the media itself (14 percent) and schools (7 percent).

Fully 15.9 percent of Hungarians do not use the internet at all, the survey found.

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