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MCC buys into top private university in Austria

Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) has bought a stake in Modul University of Vienna, thereby offering new training and education opportunities for Hungarians and students from the Carpathian Basin studying there, MCC said on Friday.

MCC is continuing to build its international network and is getting involved in serious international research projects, it added.

Modul University was set up 15 years ago as a private university focusing on tourism, and its academic programmes have been continually expanding. It is now considered an internationally recognised elite university, the university said in a statement.

As against 80 students in three educational programmes in 2007, it currently has 1,100 students studying international management, sustainable development, applied sciences, tourism and service management at campuses in Vienna and Nanjing, the statement added.

Modul University also offers high-level practical training and carries out research projects which can now be joined by MCC’s teachers and researchers.

MCC launched a training programme in Brussels last autumn in which students can get first-hand experience about the operation of the European Union, and signed a cooperation agreement with ESMT university of Berlin a few weeks ago, allowing 20 students annually to attend Germany’s top business school, the statement said. Additionally, an agreement signed with The Roger Scruton Legacy Foundation enables MCC students to attend the UK’s top universities.

Thanks to the new acquisition, teachers from Notre Dame University, Columbia University and the London School of Economics will help in MCC’s expansion.

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