Trams of the Buda network – Photo: wikipedia

Mayor launches tramline project to link south, north Budapest

Budapest Mayor Gergely Karacsony said on Tuesday that a new tram line linking Budapest's eleventh and fourth districts would be "the most important traffic development project in years to come".

Addressing the project launch, the mayor noted that trams were a key plank of Budapest’s public transport system compared with other European cities. “We are still not satisfied and want to make further and further developments,” he added.

The new line and other parts of the project co-financed by the European Union will link parts of the city that already have a metro service, but the route his high-capacity and needs services above ground, he said.

Karacsony said the project would involve refurbishing the area in front of Nyugati railway station, including the demolition of a notorious overpass next to the station building. The removal of the overpass will create “a more pleasant, spacious area”.

He said that thanks to the new trams, “many more people will get to their destination faster and more comfortably than now.”

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