Photo: MTI

Mayor: Athletics championships would not have been possible without city’s support

Without Budapest's support Hungary could not have hosted the recent World Athletics Championships, Mayor Gergely Karacsony said on Facebook on Monday.

Karacsony noted that the city had granted its approval to hosting the championships in return for major development projects financed from central coffers. He said the city council had made the right decision to support the event, but added that the city was also right when it had “resorted to firm means” to make the government honour their agreement when “it seemed that plans for a park pledged to be built after the championships end became questionable and when health developments seemed to be forgotten.”

Those health developments are coming next, he said, adding that the Athletics Centre, built for the championships, must now become available for residents’ recreation and sports activities. “That is what we agreed on and we will stick to it,” Karacsony said.

Karacsony highlighted the championships, which ended on Sunday, saying that “it has been a real success, thanks and congratulations to the organisers, a multitude of volunteers and all those that contributed to that success story including Budapest residents!”

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