The prototype of the mass medical ventilator – Photo:

Karacsony: Metropolitan companies to give day off to employees getting jab

Mass medical ventilator prototype finished at Obuda University

The development of a prototype mass medical ventilator has been completed at Obuda University. The machine could potentially save the lives of many critically ill Covid patients.

The university said in a statement on Friday that the mobile mass ventilator can also be used outside of a hospital setting and it can be adjusted to fit individual needs.

The project dubbed MassVentil was launched by the university last year with the involvement of engineers, medical doctors, physicists and mathematicians. The prototype fits into an easily transportable container and adds new functions to individual ventilators. It enables the simultanous monitoring of several patients while protecting health-care staff by automatically filtering the air exhaled by the patients, the statement said.

Karacsony: Metropolitan companies to give day off to employees getting jab

Employees of metropolitan companies who receive a vaccine shot will get a day off, Gergely Karacsony, Budapest’s mayor, said on Friday.

In a Facebook post, Karacsony noted that he had asked company directors in Budapest to provide a day off as a way of motivating employees to get the jab.

He noted that a poster campaign in Budapest has been ongoing since February to encourage residents to register for vaccination. Also, the metropolitan council has repeatedly offered the government its help, he said, adding that “now is the time to cooperate”. “What’s most important is that as many people as possible get inoculated as soon as possible,” he said.

The mayor also said that people working or living in a facility maintained by the capital will receive a coronavirus test within the next few days, adding that the Budapest administration was committed to helping anyone vulnerable to the virus.

In his Facebook post, Karacsony encouraged people to register for vaccination. “That’s the only way we can return to our old way of living”.

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