Peter Marki-Zay (Illustration) - Photo: Facebook

Marky-Zay has hope for his new party to win 2 mandates in EP elections

Peter Marky-Zay, who was the opposition's joint prime ministerial candidate for the 2022 parliamentary elections, expressed hope that his Everyone's Hungary People's Party (MMN) could garner two mandates at the election of Hungary's MEPs for the next European Parliament in June.

Marky-Zay, who is the mayor of Hodmezovasarhely, said in his assessment of local affairs over the past year that his party set up last September had built a strong alliance with the European People’s Party (EPP), the strongest party group in the EP.

He said ruling Fidesz had failed to deliver on almost all of its election promises, arguing that “state services such as health care and education are collapsing” and Hungary “is moving backwards, not ahead”.

Marky-Zay said that although he tops MMN’s party list for MEPs, he would want to continue serving in his post as mayor “as long as local residents have trust in him”.

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