Peter Marki-Zay - Photo: Wikipedia

Marki-Zay: Government ‘plundering’ Hungary

"Hungary has been plundered," Peter Marki-Zay, prime ministerial candidate of the united opposition, said in a speech assessing the state of the country. Marki-Zay said in the speech streamed online on Thursday that the government had plundered the country's economy over the past twelve years, and he also accused it of turning health services into businesses run for profit and ruining the education system and family policies.

Further, the candidate who is also the mayor of Hodmezovasarhely insisted that the Fidesz-run government bore responsibility for a depreciation of Hungary’s international standing.

Marki-Zay insisted the government had “abused” its two-thirds majority, adding that the “tens of thousands of billions” received in EU funding Hungary could have used to narrow disparities “if not with Austria but with many other countries in the region”.

“Instead, Hungary is doing worse than Romania,” he said.

“Untrammeled power leads to limitless corruption,” Marki-Zay said, adding that the country had become among “the most corrupt and poorest nations in the EU”, and one in which people’s lives were the shortest.

Ruling Fidesz said in response that Marki-Zay’s remarks were just “today’s episode in the show” staged by the leftist opposition aiming to “help former prime ministers Ferenc Gyurcsany and Gordon Bajnai return to power”.

In its statement, Fidesz said the opposition’s “real” programme was aimed at “scrapping the cap on utility bills, tax benefits for families, the minimum wage, and introducing paid-for health services.”

The opposition would “allow migrants and LGBTQ propaganda enter the country”, the statement said, also accusing the opposition of contemplating “drawing up lists of Jews and Gypsies” and “providing representation to fascists and communists”.

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