Peter Marki-Zay (Illustration) - Photo: Facebook

Marki-Zay files criminal complaint over accusations

Peter Marki-Zay, prime minister candidate of the united opposition, has filed a criminal complaint over allegations that the opposition parties seek sending Hungarian troops to fight in Ukraine.

Marki-Zay told an online press conference in Hodmezovasarhely, in southern Hungary, that “ruling Fidesz has made many slanderous claims” concerning the opposition such as plans to settle migrants in Hungary or scrapping pensions, and insisted that the opposition’s election programme contained “just the opposite” of those suggestions.

Marki-Zay said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán himself had discussed Hungary’s military contribution to international efforts with his British counterpart Boris Johnson, and “as one of 27 EU leaders he voted to support arms transports to Ukraine” and allowed transportation across Hungary.

Orbán then “hastily changed his position”, and “whereas both him and the opposition say that Hungary could only be protected by NATO”, he will “make it appear as if the opposition wanted to send arms, soldiers and untrained young civilians to Ukraine”, Marki-Zay said.

“This is spreading rumours and intimidating people,” he said.

Gergely Gulyas, the prime minister’s chief of staff, told public media later today that Marki-Zay and the leftist party alliance had made it clear several times that they would be ready to “send soldiers, weapons or both to Ukraine”, risking that Hungary would be dragged into the war.

“If the left wing were in power today, Hungary would be at war,” he said.

Meanwhile, the government has always been on the side of peace and that Hungary should not be dragged into the conflict, Gulyas said. “No one should make irresponsible statements like those of the leftist prime ministerial candidate,” he said.

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