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Man who stabbed policeman to death ordered to undergo mental health treatment

A man who last year stabbed a police officer to death and injured two others has been acquitted of premeditated murder and ordered to undergo psychiatric treatment, under a ruling issued by a Budapest court on Friday.

In January 2023, police accosted a man who seemed to be breaking into a flat in Budapest’s 11th district. The man stabbed three policemen before being shot in the leg and was arrested while trying to flee. The three injured officers were rushed to hospital but one of them could not be saved.

In its ruling, the Budapest Municipal Court concurred with the indictment that the man identified as Szilard Sz suffers from mental health issues. The court said in its reasoning that placing him under mental health treatment was justified, arguing that there was a risk of a repeat offence. The court ordered that he receive psychiatric treatment for an indefinite period of time.

Judge Judit Szabo said the court rejected Szilard Sz’s claim of self-defence, as the police officer’s injuries and the other officers’ testimonies indicated that he had acted with an intention to kill.

Forensic experts determined that Szilard Sz showed symptoms of paranoia and personality disorder, which posed the risk that he could become a repeat offender.

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