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Man wanted by FBI captured in Budapest

A man of Hungarian-Romanian nationality, high on the FBI's list of wanted criminals, has been arrested in Budapest, said on Thursday.

Stefan Alexandru B. is believed to have been a member of a gang that kidnapped a couple in the United States, tied the victims up and injected them with a substance they said contained a lethal virus. The couple were told they would be given an antidote in return for a ransom. The victims agreed to, but their banks refused to fulfil the transfer order for an extraordinarily high sum. The kidnappers then forced their victims to drink a sleeping agent and fled the scene in a car they stole from the victims.

A US court issued an international warrant against the criminals in 2012, while the FBI offered a reward of 10,000 dollars for information.

Stefan Alexandru B. was arrested on Tuesday, upon leaving an outdoor swimming pool in Budapest. Court procedures concerning his extradition to US authorities are under way.

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