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Mail-in votes add one more seat to Fidesz-KDNP’s 135

The ruling Fidesz-Christian Democratic alliance has won one more parliamentary seat in addition to the 135 it gained in Sunday's general election as a result of mail-in votes received and counted until Thursday morning, according to data by the National Election Office (NVI).

Under the election law, Hungarians beyond the border were eligible to vote by mail on a national party list.

Out of the 161,548 valid votes processed by NVI so far the ruling alliance was supported by 151,279, the united opposition by 7,006 and the Our Homeland party 1,705.

As a result, Fidesz-KDNP will have 136 seats in the 199-seat national assembly whereas the united opposition failed to secure the 56th mandate.

The mandates of the radical Mi Hazank (Our Homeland) party also remained unchanged, with 7 seats secured.

With NVI continuing the process of counting votes returned from abroad, the final number of mandates for the parties may change.

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