Peter Magyar – Photo: Facebook

Magyar: ‘Era of preparation to topple regime starts’

Peter Magyar, the deputy leader of the Respect and Freedom (Tisza) party, held a "campaign opening event" on Saturday, and told participants that "the era of the political rock star, the street warrior has ended, and the preparation of toppling the regime has started".

The Tisza party is working to “fundamentally renew Hungary”, Magyar told the event held in Budapest. The party needs “all Hungarians” to win at the general election in 2026, he said.

The party has not accepted foreign funding so far, and will continue that policy, Magyar said.

He also slammed opposition parties, saying they had “kept Fidesz in power” by not resigning after many “abject failures”.

Magyar said that as members of the largest European parliamentary party group, the European People’s Party, Tisza had a chance to “have real influence” on decision-making. He said he was meeting the EP’s president in 10 days “to coordinate on bringing EU monies home”.

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