Peter Magyar – Photo: Facebook

Magyar demands resignation of public prosecutor, government at demo

At a demonstration in central Budapest on Tuesday evening, Peter Magyar demanded the resignation of Chief Prosecutor Peter Polt and the government, and called for a truly independent investigation of a case referred to in a recording he secretly made in his home of a conversation with his ex-wife, the former justice minister.

Magyar had invited his followers to the demonstration after his hearing at the Chief Prosecutor’s Office earlier in the day. The demonstration started in the front of the office headquarters and then moved to nearby Vertanuk Square.

Magyar told the event that Hungary had sunk in the “deepest political, moral and legal crisis” since post-communist transformation as a result of the cover-up of paedophile crimes, a scandal involving a presidential pardon, and corrupt bailiffs and government members.

He also said that the Chief Prosecutor’s Office should interview several government members and the prime minister in connection with the recording he had presented during his hearing.

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