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Lynx-s for Hungarian army to be equipped with StrikeShield

The batch of Lynx armoured infantry fighting vehicles purchased by the Hungarian army will be fitted with German Rheinmetall's StrikeShield active protection system, a government defence official said on Thursday.

“The so-called active protection system will provide the highest level of security available today for the Hungarian army’s new armoured combat vehicles, the secretariat of the government commissioner for defence development said in a statement.

According to the government commissioner, Gaspar Maroth, one important aspect of the Hungarian army’s development programme is to enhance its self defence and survival capability. This entails equipping “new, high-value weapon system platforms and vehicles with the most up-to-date self-defence solutions available.”

Representatives of the Hungarian state and Rheinmetall signed agreements worth over 2 billion euros on the purchase of the Lynx vehicles and setting up a joint venture for their production in Hungary in September 2020, the secretariat said. The agreement on the StrikeShield project is worth 140 million euros, it added.

The first batch of 46 Lynx-s manufactured in Germany is scheduled to be delivered to the Hungarian army in 2022. Another 172 vehicles will later on rolled out by Rheinmetall Hungary’s plant to be completed in Zalaegerszeg at the end of 2022.

The Lynx combat vehicles will form the most important weapon range of the modern heavy brigade Hungary has undertaken to set up for NATO.

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