The Resurrection, painting by Andrea Mantegna

Lutheran leader: Christ’s wounds comfort Europe

The wounds carried by the resurrected Christ can provide comfort to a wounded Europe, Tamas Fabiny, the head of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hungary, said on Saturday on the occasion of Easter.

Speaking to MTI, Fabiny said the wounds on the body of Jesus provided hope when looking at “the wounded Europe”, refugees, those wounded in the war, and “the wounds of Earth”.

“We would think that the ascended Jesus no longer has wounds on his body, but the resurrected Jesus shows his hands, feet and side to Thomas, which still bear the marks of suffering,” Fabiny said.

God came to Earth two thousand years ago, but man is still in need of his help since, he added.

The meeting between Jesus and Thomas in the Gospel of John highlights the “miracle of faith”, Fabiny said. Thomas doubts and says he will only believe if he could see and touch Jesus’ wounds, but when he gets the chance, he does not touch him but falls to his knees and says “My Lord and my God!”, Fabiny said.

Like Thomas, people often believe only what they can touch and experience, but if Christ is truly there with them, the miracle of faith can happen, Fabiny said.

Another aspect of hope provided by Easter, he said, was that “it is not we who go to Jesus, but he who comes to us.” People today have hope that Jesus will find them even if they close their door to him, he said.

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