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LMP: We won’t let Hungary become a battery colony

The green party LMP has vowed to do everything legally possible to "prevent Hungary from becoming a battery-plant colony".

Mate Kanasz-Nagy, the party’s deputy parliamentary group leader, told a press conference on Tuesday that the government had been “unwilling” to publicly reveal plans to build a battery plant in Nyiregyhaza, in north-eastern Hungary.

LMP has written to the minister of foreign affairs and trade with a request for details of the investment such as the plant’s water and energy needs, whether the plant would have an impact on farmland, and how much direct state support the investor would receive.

Further, the party wanted to know whether any preliminary environmental impact assessments had been carried out and whether the city’s administration had been involved in the planning, he said.

LMP received a three-paragraph reply to the dozens of questions contained in the letter which amounted to a “cynical confession”, he added.

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