LMP wants TikTok to be removed from state, local govt devices

Opposition LMP on Tuesday announced that it is initiating an amendment to the law on IT security aimed at preventing the use of TikTok on state and local government devices in a bid to protect state administration and the country's cyber security.

“Right now we’re living in an era of surveillance capitalism, with technology giants monitoring our every move on the Internet and keeping track of our location,” Mate Kanasz-Nagy, the party’s deputy group leader, told a press conference.

He said that while this issue was not limited to TikTok, the Chinese company carried greater risk to national security than other platforms, adding that personal data could easily end up in China, and the company was closely tied to the Chinese state leadership.

The UK, Belgium, France and Canada are among countries to have banned the use of the platform on state devices, the LMP politician said. Also European Commission employees are prevented from using TikTok on work devices, he added.

In a previous LMP proposal package on child protection, the party recommended restricting the use of the platform for those under the age of 18, he noted.

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