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LMP urges protest against amendment proposal to social services law

Opposition LMP has called on the public to join a protest against a government-sponsored amendment proposal to the law on social services. The demonstration is scheduled to take place in front of Parliament on Monday evening.

“Let’s all say no to the policy that shifts responsibility for social care from the state to individuals and families,” Mate Kanasz-Nagy, LMP’s deputy group leader, told a press conference. “At a time when people face the combined threats of a climate crisis as well as social and energy crises, the state [is showing] no responsibility for its citizens.”

Inflation has caused prices to soar and the changes made to household utility price caps is undermining families, businesses and civil organisations, Kanasz-Nagy said. In a situation like this, the state should take on an even bigger role rather than cutting social services, he added.

Kanasz-Nagy said the government should raise public-sector wages, support housing, launch a home insulation scheme and invest in care services.

“We must all say yes to social rights, the role of the state, and a welfare policy that helps everyone in trouble,” he said.

Lawmakers are scheduled to vote on the bill on Tuesday.

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