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LMP urges development of building insulation action plan

Opposition LMP has called on the government to develop a building insulation and upgrade action plan.

Speaking at an online press conference on Thursday, party co-leader Erzsebet Schmuck noted that the European Parliament adopted a directive on improving the energy efficiency of buildings on March 14. Accordingly, the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of buildings in the European Union must be radically reduced by 2030, and by 2050 it must be achieved that buildings do not effectively burden the environment.

The directive also calls for providing support to families facing serious financial problems for the energy upgrade of their homes, Schmuck said. Furthermore, it asks member states to prepare their national building renovation action plans by mid-2024, she added.

Schmuck noted that LMP had initiated years ago the renovation and insulation of at least 100,000 homes, but the Fidesz majority always rejected its proposals in parliament.

She said they had repeatedly pointed out to the government that in Hungary there are major reserves in the energy upgrade of buildings, since around 40 percent of total energy consumption and 30 percent of greenhouse gas emissions are related to buildings while 70-80 percent of homes in Hungary are not insulated.

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