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LMP turns to top court over strategic investments

The opposition LMP party is turning to the Constitutional Court in connection with a section of the law on buildings related to strategic investments, a party official said on Thursday.

Antal Csardi, the green party’s deputy parliamentary group leader, told a press conference that LMP hoped that other opposition parties would join its initiative, noting that a quarter of MPs can ask the court for a review of legislation.

LMP repeatedly submitted a referendum question to the National Election Committee regarding strategic investments, but to no avail, he said, adding that the government was fearful of public opinion on the issue of speeding up such investments, knowing that the law was legally shaky.

The classification of an investment as “strategic”, he said, was a way of bypassing many regulations and the views of local residents, resulting in the opacity of projects.

Csardi said hopefully the court would declare the contested section of the law on buildings unconstitutional, insisting that it violated the rights of citizens guaranteed by the fundamental law.


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