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LMP to offer ‘alternative to government, opposition’

LMP will offer a "third-way alternative" in Hungarian politics, one that is markedly different from the policies of either the government or the other opposition parties, the deputy leader of the party said ahead of the opening of parliament's autumn session on Monday.

At a press conference, Mate Kanasz-Nagy criticised the other opposition parties for having been unable to depart from a policy of “homogenisation” which he called one of the main reasons for the left wing’s defeat in the 2022 general election. “Those parties have not been representing issues ever since, but have mostly shaken their fists and spoken in derogatory terms.”

LMP will instead be a “real advocate of issues” and will offer “rational thinking instead of hysteria, understanding instead of hatred, and a moderate tone in politics”, the deputy group leader said.

“We will take our proposals to the House and will represent the interests of Hungarians, even if the Fidesz-led government majority will not support any of those proposals,” said Kanasz-Nagy.

Among LMP’s proposals, he noted strengthening the system of environment protection institutions, representing social workers and civil servants and preventing the spread of battery plants. The party will also propose introducing a progressive tax regime and increasing the corporate tax for large companies, he said.

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