Sandor Palace, the residence of the Hungarian President - Photo: wikipedia

LMP to nominate university professor Hack for Hungary’s next president

Opposition LMP will nominate university professor and lawyer Peter Hack for the post of Hungary's next president, Peter Ungar, the party's co-leader, said on Wednesday.

Ungar said on Facebook that he would contact all lawmakers about their proposal in a letter.

A joint nomination of Hack would enable Hungary to have a president representing the unity of the nation, and one who guards the rule of law and the constitutional order, he said.

Hack has been a teacher at Budapest’s ELTE university for 41 years, and his areas of research include judicial independence, the organisation and operation of justice administration, the enforcement of human rights in criminal procedures, and the legal means of fighting corruption, he said. Hack has political experience, too, but he is not a party politician, Ungar added. He noted that Hack had served as an MP from 1990 until 2002 when he retired from politics.


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