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LMP supports Ukraine’s EU accession, would amend agricultural support system

LMP supports Ukraine's European Union accession as a long-term strategic goal but it would amend the system of EU agricultural subsidies in order to preserve sustainability, a national board member of the opposition party said on Saturday.

Maria Szendefy told an online press conference that LMP also insisted on maintaining the EU’s GMO free status.

She said Ukraine’s EU accession in due time would be a welcome development for ethnic Hungarians in Transcarpathia because it would result in more transparent borders and direct links with Hungary.

In terms of geopolitical aspects and security policy, it would also be better for Hungary to have another neighbour that is an EU member, she added.

At the same time, she said Ukraine’s agriculture was ruled by mostly US large investors farming areas of several thousand hectares. Since EU agricultural policy supports farmers depending on the size of their agricultural land, with Ukraine’s accession support to all other countries would be much less than what Ukraine would be eligible for, she added.

As a result, new EU regulations are needed, giving priority to smaller farms, she said. Large farms should be allowed to succeed on fully market-based conditions, in certain cases with protective duties, she added.

Szendefy said it was a basic requirement that the EU must remain GMO-free and she condemned attempts to loosen the current strict regulations.

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