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LMP submits draft decree against new GMO technologies

Green opposition LMP has submitted to parliament a draft decree rejecting the initiative of leading international companies to exempt products made with new gene technologies from tight EU regulations in force on genetically modified products, the group leader of the party said on Wednesday.

“One hears about attempts aimed at bringing food of unknown origin to the table of Hungarians,” Peter Ungar told a press conference.

Ors Tetlak, an LMP board member, told the same press conference that multinational chemical and seed companies are lobbying regulators to change GMO rules and allow their new GMO technology products to be exempted. Those companies also seek exemption from rules on GMO labelling, he said. “The European Commission seems to yield to the multi-s with which they put food security at risk,” Tetlak said.

Ungar said that LMP’s draft decree also calls for increasing domestic and EU funding for green farming.

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