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LMP: ‘Sovereignty bill unacceptable’

The opposition LMP party has branded the government's sovereignty bill as "unacceptable".

The bill submitted to the parliament late on Tuesday “aims to protect the power of the political elite and secure it for the future”, Erzsebet Schmuck, the green party’s co-leader, told a press conference on Wednesday.

A country’s sovereignty, she said, hinged on how independent its economy was, and if a country was made vulnerable to battery production and depended on foreign capital, it could not be said to be sovereign. The bill should instead repeal the law on strategic investments, she added.

Schmuck said that whereas foreign money should indeed not be used to influence an election and such funds cannot be used during the campaign, “domestic loopholes” should also be closed, he said, citing the activities of NGOs close the government.

She also slammed the plan to set up a sovereignty protection office, saying it would be a political body used for political purposes.

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