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LMP slams government over rejecting party’s insulation fund proposal

Lawmakers of green opposition LMP criticised the government over its rejection of the party's proposal on setting up a 300 billion forint (EUR 753m) fund to support the insulation and heating modernisation of residential buildings, on Monday.

“The scheme could have been used for the insulation, heating system modernisation or the replacement of windows and doors of 100,00-150,000 homes. Thus, energy consumption and heating costs could be cut by 50 to 80 percent,” Bernadett Bakos told a press conference, after government parties voted against the fund in parliament’s committee for sustainable development without giving explanation. Bakos said the scheme could have helped reduce fossile energy consumption “which Hungary is most exposed to in Europe”.

Laszlo Lorant Keresztes, the head of the committee, told the same press conference that the fund would have helped create jobs, criticising the government for “saying no to a major development possibility”. The fund would have also supported local governments in assessing Hungary’s “real energy poverty”, he said.

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