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LMP says government should support EU’s Nature Restoration Law

Hungarian opposition LMP-Greens has called on the government to come out in favour of adopting the European Union's Nature Restoration Law.

The European Parliament adopted the law in February after “a difficult process”, Erzsebet Schmuck, the party’s co-leader, noted at an online press briefing on Tuesday, adding that the final version had been watered down.

Whereas the European Commission’s original proposal targeted restoring 90 percent of degraded habitats by 2030, the final version contains a goal of 20 percent.

Nevertheless, the adoption of the law “is important”, she said, adding that, at the very least, the process of restoring Europe’s natural environment would get under way.

She said Fidesz MEPs backtracked on their initial support of the law and joined those opposed to nature restoration.

“Prime Minister Viktor Orbán no longer even bothers to greenwash his government,” she said, and she called on the government to stand up for the protection of Hungary’s natural environment and its fertile soil.

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