The design plans for the student quarter – Photo: BFK

LMP: Public should have say on large investment projects

The public should be given a chance to have their say when it comes to major investment projects, including the planned campus of China's Fudan University in Budapest, opposition LMP said on Wednesday.

Major investment projects must be carried out transparently and free of graft, Marta Demeter, the party’s deputy group leader, told a press conference.

Demeter said large investments in Hungary today were a way for the government to “feed” the companies close to it, adding that the asset management foundations it has set up served to “support the government apparatus after they lose the next election”.

She said this was the reason why these foundations had recently acquired over 1,700 residential properties and were headed by ruling party politicians.

Demeter said the ruling parties had also passed a law giving a 300 percent tax preference to companies that support such asset management foundations.

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