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LMP proposes withdrawal of decree on tree-felling

Opposition LMP will submit a draft resolution proposing the withdrawal of a government decree on tree-felling and will also turn to the Constitutional Court over the issue, the co-leader of the party said on Wednesday.

Erzsebet Schmuck told a press conference that the government decree on amended rules to satisfy demand for firewood during the energy crisis-related state of special legal order would enable mass cutting of forests.

She noted that LMP had launched a petition drive and had organised a demonstration which attracted thousands of participants.

Schmuck welcomed a ministerial decision issued on Tuesday banning the felling of protected woods. She added, however, that it was not a full solution because the ministerial decision left the government decree “untouched” and this posed several problems.

The decree still enables the felling of trees during the vegetation period and the cutting of black locust trees at age 25 instead of 35, she said. It also enables planting non-native tree types for replacing trees already felled, she added.

LMP will also turn to the Constitutional Court in the next few days asking for a review of the decree and establish that it is in conflict with the basic law, Schmuck said. However, considering that the procedure of the top court may take a long time and immediate action is needed, LMP will also submit a draft resolution to parliament asking for the withdrawal of the decree, she added.

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